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Minimal deposit size only $10, maximal $5000.

15% daily for 7 days*
8% daily for 15 days*
5.5% daily for 28 days*

*deposit included in earnings

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We are DealFee

We represent the ideal, proven program for earnings - DealFee. We are trusted because company has been implementing the various transactions with e-currency for a long time and has proved itself exclusively to be one of the best time and again!

With us you can count on:

  • 100% income guarantee
  • Absolute security
  • Complete privacy
  • Payments on time*

*Sufficient reserve of finance is available constantly

The main mission of DealFee is to provide rapid financial growth for its clients. High % rate on investment is a pledge of confidence in the future!

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How much money you can make?

Our advantages

Why you should invest with us?

  • Fast earnings

    Our high lucrative plan aids our investors with fast earnings.

  • Business partnership

    We partner with business from all over the world

  • We pay on time

    Sufficient reserve of finance is available constantly. Thats why we're able to pay on time.

  • Absolute security

    Our website is hacker proof, safe and secure place for our fellow investors!

  • Professional management

    Investor accounts are managed by our team of professionals

  • Latest technology

    To make money in business world, we use latest tech technologies in order to help us with the task

About DealFEE

Fast, secure, profitable!

Implementation of software and hardware in an online business is becoming more popular and progressive from day to day. A company DEALFEE is no exception. Our advantage over other companies is in our business, we use only our own software developments and solutions. The essence of our business is in using intelligent search programs for the detection in the Internet of the most favorable exchange rate at any given time in this area of the currency pair ​​exchange.

Professional team

You probably paid attention that the exchange rate of one currency to another is quoted up to ten decimal places. This seemingly insignificant difference allows you to earn a very substantial amount of money if you implement this difference for a profit, using specially designed software, producing hundreds of thousands of transactions in the automatic mode when the same amount repeatedly involved in the means of exchange, increasing working capital and total profit. All that is needed – just the necessary software, powerful servers and experience in the field of exchange of foreign currency online. And DEALFEE fully meets these requirements today.

Profit calculator

Deposit amount 100
$10 $5 000
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Referral program

  • 1st level 5%
  • 2nd level 2%

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The some clarifying information about the Handling schedule of funds payment requests. Oct-10-2016 02:01:56 PM

The some clarifying information about the Handling schedule of funds payment requests. The number of investors who made the decision to participate in our program grows steadily. And it is very good news which are actually reflecting rates of development of the program. However, together with growth of number of investors, became frequent the cases of the issues to our support with questions of what Payment schedule is used by the company at payment processing.

On our website there have been updates Oct-5-2016 02:10:11 PM

Dear investors and partners of DealFee! On our website there have been updates. For those who prefer to follow news of the project from social networking, we'd like to announce that you can find us on the most popular of them, namely Vkontakte, Facebook and Twitter. All links to social networks are at the bottom of the home page. Keep up with our news!

We have integrated 5 payments options Oct-5-2016 01:50:15 PM

Dear investors and partners of DealFee! We have integrated 5 payments options to our list and we would like to remind you which ones are and will be our only payment processors: Perfect Money, Payeer, Advcash, Bitcoin, NixMoney.

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